About Politely Declining

Politely Declining started with an idea

I started creating these ceramic figurines myself because I wanted to help people manage their mental health and bring them joy. I've been living with multiple mental health disorders and struggled with them for years before I learned that manifestation is an option to help me cope.

To put it plainly, manifestation is creating things in our minds as if they already exist and thus they do. Research shows that our expectations positive or negative, tend to be confirmed. By using manifestation in a positive way, you can guide yourself to a positive outcome.

  • Photo of the handmade clay figures delft faelyn available in Politely Declining shop
  • Photo of the handmade clay figures black starburst available in Politely Declining shop
  • Photo of the handmade clay figures purple skelltos available in Politely Declining shop

And the adorable ceramic figurines were born.

You can consider these ceramic creatures as a window to the everyday world through which we can understand ourselves, or try to make sense of the strange place we live in. You can use manifestation with figurines or other items to foster positivity.

All of my figurine collections are deeply personal, and have roots in some part of my life, be it an episode of depression, a favorite memory, a family member's pet, or something I saw in a dream.

Each ceramic figurine is a character that holds magic and explores the relationship between cute and metaphysical. My figurines are not just an homage to the adorable, they are everyday reminders to manifest positivity.

Embrace your own world.

The world is full of intrigue and so much to discover. Characters play an essential role in our society, both past and present; they tell stories and bring joy to our lives. Growing up in Southern California by Disneyland, I was inspired by the artistry, magic, and power of characters.

Each day I went, it was as if I had entered a world far away from my own troubles. It provided an escape, and it also made me feel like I was part of something special. The souvenirs that I would purchase there did more than just remind me of the wonderful experience in a far-off land; they provided me with a piece of that happiness.

Holding them in my hands gave me hope that one day I too could create my own magic. In fact, I believe greatly in imagination and the power of the mind; believing can make anything happen. Figurines can hold magic and I aim to craft ceramic pieces that spark curiosity, remind us of the good things, and bring a smile to people’s faces.

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