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Mystery Tiny Figurine - Let Fate Decide

Mystery Tiny Figurine - Let Fate Decide

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Let your new manifestation friend come to you with our mystery tiny figurine!

Ignite your sense of wonder and embrace the joy of surprises with our exciting Mystery Figurine Bag! Each bag holds an adorable handmade tiny figurine, lovingly crafted and full of intentions.

When you purchase a mystery figurine, you get a random chance at one of our tiny figurine!

Here's the list of all the possible tiny manifestation friends:

  • Myris the Tiny Mushroom
  • Lala the Tiny Ghost
  • Junie the Tiny Frog
  • Eloh the Tiny Flower
  • Kymi the Tiny Blue Smiley
  • Clementine the Tiny Citrus
  • Elxa the Tiny Skull

But wait! There's more! You also get a chance at the extremely rare and lucky figurine Lumina.

Lumina is a tiny star that can only be found in the mystery bag. For the lucky ones, they will bring luck, success, and confidence.

Start your collection today and let the anticipation of each bag bring a sparkle of joy to your heart!

Please note: The mystery lies in the surprise, and specific figurines cannot be guaranteed.

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