Collection: Handpainted Pottery Bowls

Introducing our collection of handpainted pottery bowls! These beautiful pieces feature cute and adorable designs that are sure to capture your attention.

Each bowl is carefully painted by hand with original designs created by Politely Declining. And the best part? All our pottery bowls are food safe, micro-wave safe, AND dishwasher safe (yes, you read it right!).

So whether you are looking for a place to put away your trinkets, a piece to impress your friends when serving them delicious food, or a water bowl for your cat that matches your aesthetic, check out our pottery bowls collection!

Our pottery bowls are hand painted one by one

Using a combination of various colored glazes, we hand paint all our pottery bowls by hand. This process takes a lot of time and meticulous work to make sure each design fits the bowl. That also means that no two bowls are exactly alike!

You can use our pottery bowls for anything!

After being carefully painted, all our pottery bowls are dipped into clear glaze. That's the part that makes them shiny, but also give them their protection and impermeability. That's why all our bowls are food safe but can also be used for any purpose you see fit!