Collection: Handmade Clay Figures

Our handmade clay figures collection features unique and charming little friends, crafted with the intention to help you in your life journey or simply add a touch of colors to your space.

These beautiful little characters are all carefully and individually handmade and handpainted out of porcelain clay. But they are more than just ceramic figurines!

More than clay figures, tiny little friends

From familiar faces to dream inspired adorable creatures, our tiny and not so tiny friends will always be by your side. Each figurine has its own unique purpose and will be there when you need it. Whether you are actively setting your intentions or placing them on your favorite shelf, desk or crafting station, they will care for you.

One-of-a-kind figurines

Our ceramic figurines are all handcrafted. We create, handhsape, and handpaint each figurine with the greatest care. Made out of porcelain, they go through a rigorous crafting process for incredible results, far superior than polymer clay.