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Faelyn - Handmade Mushroom Fae Figurine

Faelyn - Handmade Mushroom Fae Figurine

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Faelyn is a handmade mushroom fae figurine with a purpose:

Creativity, Inspiration, Optimism

Bring home a bit of magic with Faelyn, the handmade mushroom fae figurine! This delightful forest spirit is sure to spark creativity and bring some inspiration to any room. Its intricately hand painted mushrooms are sure to catch some eyes and remind you of the beauty and power of nature.

Faelyn is full of ideas and ready to tell you all about them. Whenever you’re stuck you can ask them to give you an idea. Faelyn’s ears are fragile, but they are listening.

Just focus, tell them about your project and inspiration will come to you! You can put Faelyn in your creative areas so they can spark new ideas and remind you to be optimistic with their bright colors.

Faelyn's details

2.5" H x 1.5" W
Porcelain clay
Forest inspired design with colorful mushrooms, green leaves ears and pink cheeks
Individually hand shaped and hand painted
Manifests creativity, inspiration, optimism

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