How do our clay figurines come to life?

Before any clay figurines become one of your tiny new friends, they go through a somewhat scary but incredible journey. Each step has its own set of risks but also adds a little bit more magic to the clay figures until it’s ready to be by your side.

That’s because they are all made out of porcelain clay. This material requires extreme care, expertise, and skill but also gives one of the most amazing results.

From shaping to painting, each clay figurine is completely handmade. So, no two are exactly alike! Take a look at the four steps that every tiny figurine has to go through and pick your favorite companion to become your new friend!

Hand shaped clay figurines from porcelain clay

Hand forming our clay figurines with porcelain clay

Each companion is created from a simple piece of clay. This is when I hand shape each individual figurine and use carving tools to make their expression come to life. It requires a lot of precise work as this is the only time I am able to shape them before they are fired.

Bisque firing our clay figurines in a ceramic kiln

Firing the clay figurines in a ceramic kiln

The next step is to fire the clay figurines to bisque in the kiln. Inside the kiln, our tiny friends reach a temperature of almost 2000°F (around 1070°C). Sadly, some of the figurines may break in the process but for the ones that made it, they are ready to be painted.

Hand painted clay figurines with ceramic glazes

Hand painting all clay figurines using glaze

After they are bisqued (that means fired in a kiln without any glaze), each clay figurine is hand-painted with a colorful new look. It requires very detailed work and patience but this is an important step to reveal the personality of each of our adorable figurine.

Final firing of our clay figurines in a ceramic kiln

Final firing to set the glaze and bring them to life

The figurines go into the kiln for their final firing and reach a temperature of around 1800°F (980°C). This will melt the glaze and give the figurines their beautiful shine.

This is another scary part! The wrong temperature or timing can have a drastic impact on the colors and final result.

Clay figurines final appearance after glaze firing

Our handmade clay figurines are ready!

After this whole incredible journey, our little clay figurines are ready to join you! It’s the result of a lot of patience, precise work, and a little bit of magic.

Pick your porcelain clay figure now!