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Cosmic Deer - Handmade Purple Cow Print Figurine

Cosmic Deer - Handmade Purple Cow Print Figurine

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Cosmic Deer is a handmade purple cow print figurine with a purpose:

Self-Confidence, Productivity, Success

This starry eyed deer is here to walk with you on your journey to accomplish tasks. They may look lost, but they are really just seeing into your bright future. Uniquely crafted with plenty of personality and charm, this whimsical piece will certainly be an adorable companion in your journey to success.

You can rub your fingers on the antlers to help ground yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all you need to do, but be gentle because they’re fragile.

Try to get all of your tasks out onto a list and place your cosmic deer at the top to guard it and give you motivation to finish. Together, you can do anything!

Cosmic Deer's details

  • 2.5" H x 1.5" W x 1.75" L
  • Porcelain clay
  • Purple cow print, starlit eyes, and purple antlers
  • Individually hand shaped and hand painted
  • Manifests self-confidence, productivity, success
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