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Lue - Handmade Tiny Companion Figurine

Lue - Handmade Tiny Companion Figurine

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Lue is a handmade tiny companion figurine with a purpose:

Promotes change, growth, releases negative emotions

Here's Lue, your handmade tiny companion figurine with the cutest little legs! With determination, Lue will use them to always walk beside you, even if it takes a few more steps to keep up.

Let them help you manifest real changes in your life, even through tough times. With their round face and happy smile, they're here to promote growth and help you release negative emotion that may hold you back.

While Lue won't grow in size, they will definitely help you grow in spirit. That's why it's easier to manifest your dream goals into reality with them by your side. They're a gentle reminder to stay focused on the changes you want to make and help you move closer to becoming your true self.

Lue's details

  • 0.5" H x 1.2" W
  • Porcelain clay
  • Patina glaze
  • Individually hand shaped and hand painted
  • Manifests growth, releases negative emotions, promotes change
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