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Talila - Handmade Ceramic Ghost Figurine

Talila - Handmade Ceramic Ghost Figurine

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Talila is a handmade ceramic ghost figurine with a purpose:

Increases understanding, Calms, Feeling of safety

Talila is a handmade ceramic ghost figurine that radiates kindness! It's made from porcelain clay with white glossy finish and hand painted flowers. Talila is a cute way to decorate any living space!

But more than that, they're a powerful friend for manifestation. Using our ceramic ghost is a great way to find clarity and create a safe space. In fact, each figurine is crafted with strong intentions. This way, you can use them to easily focus your energy!

You can do that by holding them, having them close to you, or by just talking to them.

Don't be scared! You can share anything you want! By speaking to Talila, they will help you find clarity. And be assured, Talila is a great listener. After all, they've been floating around listening for ages!

But, if you don’t feel like talking to them, you can write a note. Our ghost is designed to hold them under their sheets!

  1. Write your note
  2. Roll it into a small scroll
  3. Hide it underneath their sheets

It's a great way to manifest calmness by letting go of what's on your mind. You can also use Talila as a messenger! Write notes and leave them for someone to find!

Adopt Talila today and bring a new friend along your manifestation journey!

Talila's details

  • 1.5" H x 1.5" W
  • Porcelain clay
  • Glossy white with floral design inspired from spring
  • Individually hand shaped and hand painted
  • Manifest calmness, understanding and security
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