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Jax - Handmade Tiny Pumpkin Figurine

Jax - Handmade Tiny Pumpkin Figurine

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Jax is a handmade tiny Ceramic pumpkin figurine with a purpose:

Protection, Positivity, Warmth

Introducing Jax, the lovable handmade tiny pumpkin figurine! Jax is not just cute and charming; he's here to bring protection, positivity, and warmth to your space.

Jax's friendly grin and warm orange color will light up any room and infuse it with a cozy atmosphere. He's not just a decorative piece; he's a symbol of positivity and a guardian of good vibes.

But there's more to Jax than meets the eye! He's a powerful tool for manifesting your desires. His comforting presence creates a sense of security and optimism, reminding you to stay positive and focus on your goals. Imagine having this tiny pumpkin by your side, radiating positivity every day!

Crafted with meticulous care from porcelain, each Jax figurine is unique and made to last, ensuring you'll cherish this little pumpkin for years to come. Whether you're a fan of whimsical home decor or searching for a symbol of protection and positivity, Jax is the tiny pumpkin figurine for you.

Don't wait! Embrace the warmth, protection, and positivity that Jax brings into your life with this handmade tiny pumpkin figurine.

Jax's details

  • 1" H x 1" W
  • Porcelain clay
  • Orange glaze, black eyes, and wide smile
  • Individually hand shaped and hand painted
  • Manifests protection, positivity, and warmth
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