Spooky Season, Cozy Friends: Meet Lala and Jax, Your Mental Health Support Guardians 💜

Cozy blanket. Gentle rain. Warm drinks. Fall is back and our little friends are here for you!

  • ✨ More Than a Figurine ✨

    They have their own story! They will support you in everything you do. Like a true friend!

  • ✨ One-of-a-kind Friend ✨

    We craft each of our friends by hand. Each friend is unique, personal, and ready to meet you!

  • ✨ A Touch of Magic ✨

    All of our friends hold a little bit of magic! We set intentions and purpose during creation.

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"Lala is soooo cute! I've been using Lala as a reminder to take care of myself. I can definitely say that it helped me refocus my energy. Still struggling to take care of myself but Lala makes it a tiny bit easier. And I mean, look at her! So adorable!"


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"Fall is by far my favorite season! When I saw Jax, I HAD to adopt this little guy! I have a shelf where I put some of my findings and he fits perfectly. Love the color, love the size, love the eyes. I'm dying!"


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