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Sisra - Handmade Night Snake Figurine

Sisra - Handmade Night Snake Figurine

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Sisra is a handmade night snake figurine with a purpose:

Transformation, Strength, Courage

Introducing Sisra, the handmade night snake figurine that embodies the spirit of transformation, strength, and courage. Let this mystical serpent be your guide as you embark on a journey of personal growth and empowerment.

With its intricate design that represent the heart of the night, Sisra symbolizes the power of embracing change and finding strength in the darkest of moments. This enchanting figurine serves as a constant reminder that within you lies the potential for remarkable transformation.

Embrace the night and let Sisra ignite your inner fire. As you hold this figurine in your hands, feel the surge of courage and determination flowing through you. Sisra is here to remind you that you possess the resilience to overcome any obstacles and emerge stronger than ever before.

Tap into your inner power and unleash your true potential with the guidance of Sisra. Let its presence inspire you to embrace the unknown, embrace your strengths, and embrace the journey of self-discovery.

Invite the night snake into your life and embark on a path of personal empowerment. With Sisra by your side, you'll awaken the fearless self within and embrace the transformative possibilities that lie ahead.

Sisra's details


  • 1.5" H x 3" W
  • Porcelain clay
  • Night design with stars and moons
  • Individually hand shaped and hand painted
  • Manifests transformation, strength, and courage
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